Good To Be Home!

For the last two years, I have had to give up blogging almost entirely as I pursued my master’s degree.  This week I turned in my final assignment for my last class. HOORAY! Now in an effort to keep busy while I wait for feedback and grades, I have decided to jump back into blogging. has always been a place for me to reflect on my teaching practice. Writing about what I do in my classroom and how I do it has provided a rich reflective experience for me that I have missed while engaged in grad school.  I have learned so much over the last two years, but I regularly felt as if I was drinking from a fire hydrant and often longed for the time to really dig deep and reflect on what I was learning and how those things could be applied in my classroom. So now that the 2017-2018 school year is about to start, and with the feeling of freedom that comes with the absence of homework,  it feels like the right time to get back into blogging.     Please follow and like us:0 Like this:Like... read more

Marvelous Musical Monday!

This week, being the last week before our winter break is just a little crazy!   We are preparing for a winter sing along. The choir is going on a field trip tomorrow where we will sing our entire concert 4 times at 4 different locations. The sing along includes the following songs   Set 1 Jingle Bells I have a little dreidel Light the Candles I have a little snowman The 12 days of Christmas   Set 2 December is the time Silver Bells Dale, Dale, Dale Winter Wonderland Frosty the Snowman Feliz Navidad   In reward for being ready for the sing along we are inviting students to play along with the following video using boomwhackers. The BEST part about this activity is that it is easy and students have quick success.  This play along is perfect for when you have about 15 minutes left and you want to end the class with something musical, accessible and fun.   Please follow and like us:0 Like this:Like... read more

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