I start teaching tomorrow and I’m THRILLED and then I start grad school next week!  Oh MY!

In preparation for graduate school I have a very intense need to organize everything REALLY well now, knowing full well that once I am facing a full course load during concert season I won’t be able to breath.  With that in mind I am creating some tools for myself in hopes that I can stay one step ahead of everything by improving my efficiency and time on task while I am at work.  My goal this year is a new one.  I REALLY don’t want to take any work home with me because I’ll need every minute at home for my own personal study.


Since I was creating this tool for myself, it only took about two clicks to create a version that I can share with everyone.  Perhaps you will find this to be a useful tool… Perhaps you will include something similar to this in your own planner.  Maybe you have great feedback!  Whatever your thoughts, please feel free to leave me a comment.


Download checklists HERE! 

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