I’m excited to join the “Linky Party” hosted by Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room.

What an excellent summer it has been!  Below you will find 3 things that I have learned this summer. Enjoy!



1.  Transitioning from a free blog to a hosted website is a GREAT idea!  I’ve been blogging at melodysoup.blogspot.com for a long time, but this summer I made the leap to transfer my blog to melodysoup.com.  I’m not entirely finished with the process, but so far, the transition has gone very well.  I’m hosting the site through GoDaddy.com and using WordPress.org as my editor.  I’ve been VERY happy with the customer service and the usability of WordPress..org.  If you are using a free blogging service and are considering purchasing a domain, I would definitely recommend using GoDaddy.com.



2. BookBuddy is AWESOME!

Boobookbuddykbuddy is an app that is very easy to use and a great way to set up your classroom library.  Stay tuned for an entire blog post dedicated to this app because it’s AWESOME!  If you would like to learn how I organize my library you can read the post HERE.




3.  Crochet is a great way to relax. 

This summer I was able to crochet 3 different afghans.  Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a beautiful summer vacation spot while listening to audio books and crocheting.  Two baby blankets and bedspread later I’ve got a go-to activity any time I want to zone out and relax.


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